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FREE MASTERCLASS:  Learn To Organize Your Time & Money Like a Boss (whether you've been in biz 3 months or 3 years)

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The ultimate secret is that YOU are the secret to your own success.   

The truth is....

 >You don’t need tons of confusing technology (I created my first five-figure months with nothing more than the tech we used in the 90’s…oops am I dating myself?)

>You don’t need to “compete” in your market  (Competing and comparing yourself to others in your market is the dead wrongapproach…not to mention soul-sucking!)

>You don’t need to spend money on FB ads (You should consistently make five figures a month before spending any money on this.)

>You don’t need a huge list (Size is irrelevant if you’re speaking to the wrong people.  You can easily start making money with or without a list)

>You don’t need to be annoying on Social Media to sell (There’s a way to show up powerfully and authentically without being annoying! In fact annoying is bad for biz)

It's totally possible.  Let me show you...


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Get Clients You Really Love by BRANDING, PACKAGING and SELLING Your Brilliance Like A Pro: One program in 3 Different Ways. You Pick.

A fresh pair of eyes to give you an honest opinion and a detailed, custom strategy on what you need to do to reach your goals. It's more than just a call.

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A one day intensive to help you birth a new brand or structure a program. Perfect if you need speed and results like...yesterday. 

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Get the  energy of a group and the benefit of 1 on 1 strategy.  We go deep  with implementation resources and hard core accountability.

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Still can’t put your finger on it quite yet, right?

> You know there’s something wrong with either your brand or your offers, you’re just not sure what it is... it’s just like a pit in your stomach and you feel like you’re too close to it to see what’s really going on


> You’ve listened to the gurus and that alone is crowding your head space (not to mention the tech)


> You’re website is not converting


> You have so many ideas, but don't know where to start


> You’re frustrated because you’re not making the type of money you thought you’d be making by now...AND you’re SOOO good at what you do but the business side...let’s just say, you get analysis paralysis.


> You secretly wish you had a branding BFF who listened to your ideas, organized them all and prioritized what needs to happen first, second and third, right?


Yep. Totally get it!

You’re zone of genius is delivering transformation not being branding guru!



Cofounder of SOULidify & creator of multiple coaching programs to help women, like you, brand, package, and sell your brilliance - so you can make fabulous money and be the happiest version of you!

I’m who you’ll call your business BFF.

I’ve been an entrepreneur for almost 15 years and a passionate advocate for women finding their voice, brilliance and financial independence.

I’m a boy-mom of two, a bit of a soulful rebel, a wine lover and an art enthusiast.

I LOVE working with creatives and transformational service providers  because I have sooo much creative energy!

Need a fresh pair of eyes?

I've got you.

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"I’m a business owner and I am an expert in kids who struggle behaviorally and socially. But I am not an expert in marketing.So I sought help from Mariel and now am working with someone who is. Mariel’s coaching had the exact solution I was looking for. What was incredible about my first session with Mariel is that she opened my eyes to the possibility of branding myself and my individual center – beyond what the national brand means. We spent the entire day co-creating MY brand for MY center. She showed me how to incorporate that into my social media posts.I now have a plan and a purpose behind what I am sharing – a consistent message, illuminating what my center and my team can offer, even in the simplest posts. I never would have thought about this if it wasn’t for Mariel.What I love best about working with Mariel is that it’s like instantly getting a best friend – she’s on your team, she’s in your corner, she’s invested in you and your team, and she wants you to succeed! Best decision I made since I opened my business and I think everyone should have a coach."

Yola Barbosa
Brain Balance Center | Franchise Owner

"I worked with Mariel as a business coach and I had no idea how granular we would get. She gets in the weeds with you. She pushes you out of your comfort zone and helps you identify your authentic strengths and then ties it to your brand message. Lastly, Mariel is trained in soul. She calls this her magic. I think it’s because she teaches from a place of love and wanting to help people achieve their dreams."

Meghan Buchert
Liquid Innovation | Product Development Consultant

"I enjoy helping couples and individuals with various challenges and see them grow and improve. What I never learned how to do is how not to just work in my business, but how to work on my business.When I started working with Mariel, I learned for the first time in my “business life” that there could be an approach combining money and soul. I have doubled the number of couples I help by learning multiple new and exciting sales and marketing concepts for my business. These concepts include identifying my signature business archetype and using it to create my brand values, brand messaging, and I’ve deeply explored and defined my niche in business.Mariel was very inspiring in developing a different attitude towards the business marketing and my growth in revenue. She’s also very instrumental in creating different mindset for my private practice."

Nataliya Rusetskaya, PH.D., LCSW
Founder of Key 2 Connection | Psychotherapist and Clinical Sexologist

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