Ready To Grow & Create Leverage ? 

SOULidify your business so you can get more CLIENTS, automate your hustle and LOVE your life!

(even if you're a one-woman show and you feel like you're losing your mind...)

FEELING OVERWHELMED IN YOUR SALES & MARKETING? That's because there's no such thing as "ONE SIZE FITS ALL"

The SOULidified CEO is our SOUL+MARKETING Signature Program designed to help you organize your message, content and sales strategy so can get more CLIENTS & automate your hustle in a way that feels AMAZING. Turning stress into HAPPY our thing.


Free Masterclass: Learn the ins & outs of going from a stagnant to a thriving CEO in 3 simple steps...


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CAPTIVATE your ideal clients and make 3 TIMES MORE MONEY with ease and enthusiasm.

The SOUL + MARKETING Bootcamp that will significantly shortcut 3 ‘must have’ secrets' to success for you: 

  • Shortcut #1: You get my done-for-you PERFECT INNER ALIGNMENT  formula (all it needs is you).  It includes: visualizations, templates, one-on-one coaching and more so you can align your truth with your marketing (and quickly get clear and confident on where you're taking your marketing efforts in 2019).
  • Shortcut #2: You get trained personally by me in how to create and implement your perfect online and offline  marketing strategy (which includes your content and sales strategy) so you can create ripples in the world and shift out of trading time for dollars.
  • Shortcut #3: You learn how to set up the right automated tech so you can create additional income streams, relax and enjoy doing what you do best.

This is the shortcut to creating big ripples and scaling with heart. 

So, if this sounds like something you need...ONE CALL GETS YOU either STARTED or on our list for our next session.

(I highly value quality, therefore being "boutique" is very important to us so space is limited)




  • You are ready to be in control of your income.  Two Hail Mary's and Three Halleluja's. 

  • I'm an expert. I basically deliver information for transformation and I'm ready to LEVERAGE my TIME and knowledge.  Can someone pass the passive revenue over here please? 
  • I'm a service provider who solves problems for my my clients. Maybe (a concierge service, event planner, virtual assistant, dog walker, photographer, website builder etc)..
  • I want to get serious about bringing in clients consistently.  UM...yes please, without having to bother my business besties or clients for referrals.
  • I'm ready to get really organized and strategic with my marketing so I know exactly what to focus on DAILY.  Yep.  I'm ready to tackle my bucket list instead of my never-ending TO-DO list !
  • I'm ready to live my highest purpose in my business. Yep, I'm ready to meet my Inner CEO.


Entrepreneurship gets a bad wrap   I’m here to help you bridge the gap between SOUL-SUCKING to SOUL-QUENCHING in your business.  

My goal is to give you the "low down" and "support" you need so you can avoid struggling and wasting time.



(Space is extremely limited. New spots open every 8 weeks)



Feeling clear, confident and calm everyday and actually being HAPPY doing what you love instead of overwhelmed and confused (and not knowing where to start first).


Knowing how many clients you're bringing in every month and hand picking the people you really want to work with...


Leveraging your knowledge and finding your most profitable paths to cash all because we organized your message and content strategy so your pipeline is always full of leads...


Do you know in your gut that you're playing small?

But here's the deal... do you really fully trust that voice anyway? Do you wonder..."there's gotta be a better way" to have consistency and business peace?

...If other people are doing it why can't you?

Here's the thing...

It's not just your marketing and systems that are off.  When you feel this way, it's not that you can't do it. You're not aligned. You're not confident.  You don't trust that inner voice.

When you're not aligned inside, it's very hard to do your sales and marketing.

That's the truth.

I get it.  

You just want to make consistent,  significant income doing what you know you love and are good at.  You want to have a life. You want to learn how to turn work "off". You want to get your sales and marketing organized and doing the heavy lifting for you.  You just don't know where to start.

Let me give you a piece of advice.

Turn off your mind chatter and let your soul be your CEO. She knows what's up. It may sound crazy, woo-woo or granola but it's TRUER than true. I promise. 

When you get ALIGNED + have a STRATEGY + get help IMPLEMENTING = MAGIC happens.



SOULidified CEO Signature Program

Get More Clients, Automate Your Hustle & LOVE your Life

A one day intensive to create and organize your content & marketing strategy, so you can show up brilliantly for your audience and get clients ASAP. Perfect if you need speed and results like...yesterday. 

Schedule A FREE Discovery Call

Get the  energy of a group and the benefit of 1-on-1 strategy.  We go deep as we help you create lucrative packages and guide you through  implementing your sales and marketing strategy so you can increase profits (and still love your life).  

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HERE'S WHAT'S INCLUDED In our (Small, Elite Group Program)...

The SOULidified journey starts with our ORIENTATION which gives you clarity in your money mindset, control in the way you manage your time, and a sharp focus on the 3 most powerful, personal priorities for success.

  • Includes videos, templates and checklists to get you into action FAST.
  • Kickstart VIP Deep Dive with Mariel Alvarado to Up-level your brand message immediately: Imagine feeling empowered and poised when you speak about what you do and never having to "compete" in your space's a must!

Module #1: Perfect Alignment

Not everyone should be doing the same things.  Get our SOULidified CEO Perfect Alignment Step by Step process and tools.


  • Identify your most profitable path to cash in this deep discovery process.  Imagine having CLARITY about your FOCUS, your cash flow, your lifestyle and what business model serves you best.  


  • Shift out of trading time for dollars. Imagine developing a signature line of packages, that you become known for and can leverage in different ways and deliver over and over again.



Module #2: SOULidify your Sales Strategy & Marketing Blue Print


Get fully internally aligned with your marketing plan so you can let go of what's not working and start focusing on the things that are going to move your biz forward.  


  • Discover a system that will help you develop a powerful relationship with your numbers. Imagine falling in love with your numbers and cashing in on your opportunities immediately instead of always hiding from them... Did I mention love and numbers in the same sentence? Yep. Sure did.



  • Learn the shortcut to getting high end clients IMMEDIATLEY.  Imagine being able to bring in high end, ideal clients that are ready to invest in themselves through you don't have to wait to do this.
  • Discover your most authentic and powerful message.  Imagine having the confidence in what to say (and how to say it) to your ideal clients whether it’s through: social media posting, blogs or newsletters.



Module #3: The BIG conversation & Your Automated Strategy  

Discover the ONE big conversation you should be having with your  market and finally get the visibility and recognition you deserve with your ideal clients so you can claim high end prices along with your independence. 


  • Create Your Conscious Money Compass.  Imagine creating a powerful transformation in your bank account by changing how you think, feel and believe about money.



  • Discover the 2nd part of our marketing formula which will help you create THE BIG conversation you should be having with your market.  Imagine what it's worth to know that setting up just a couple systems can set you up for peace and prosperity 3,6 and 9 months from now.  Say goodbye to feast or famine.
  • Get the templates, cheat sheets, tech tools, ideas and help from our team to implement it all.




If you've ever wondered if you can "handle getting bigger," this is the module that will teach you how to help more than one person at the same time and create automation while doing it.


  • Learn a a powerful technique to get soulfully aligned with your ideal clients before you transition from a one-on-one to one to many (one of the most powerful tools you'll always use).  Imagine what it would be worth to have a soulful strategy you can use daily to connect with your ideal clients and make sure that your choices are perfectly aligned with your goals.




  • Step by step formula + support from our team to create your online program or leveraged services.  Imagine what it would be worth to get help designing an online program or service that frees you from having to always trade time for money. 



Module #5: Discover Your Money Voice & Increase Sales

If talking about money has ever felt, uncomfortable . Not any more!  


  • Learn to have courageous money talks that leverage your natural feminine power..  Imagine what it would be worth to free yourself from fear of having "money talks" with men/partners/clients that have been unconsciously preventing you from making more money, so you can begin creating independence and standing in your power.  




  • Elevate your sales conversations.  Imagine what it would be worth to learn 3 simple questions to use during your sales process that position you to close more clients with integrity and ease. 

Module #6: Create A Brighter Future


  • Learn to stand in your power and prioritize the things that make your heart sing.  Imagine what it would be worth to create a workflow that gives you independence, consistency and allows you to stand in your power first.  




  • Learn to delegate these three things in your marketing consistently.  Imagine what it would be worth to learn 3 simple delegating techniques that will free your time and impact your bottom line. 


You Also Get These 3 Marketing BONUSES

Brand Catalyst

Our step by step formula will help you refine or up level your brand  to capture your spirit, personality and passion into an authentic brand experience that will set you aside from your competition. Your new-found clarity will get you in action immediately.

SOULidify Your Niche Formula

Our five-step system to create in depth programs for an up leveled niche that is happy to invest in themselves through YOU.  

SOULidify Your Time & Money Like A Boss

Learn the 4 most dangerous money mindsets and how to organize your time for ultimate peace and productivity.


It's your time to stop playing small. Let's do this together! (Space is extremely limited. New spots open every 8 weeks)

FREE Masterclass To Increase Your Income, Impact and HAPPINESS!

Learn 3 Secrets Of Going From Stagnant To A Thriving CEO AKA (a SOULidified CEO)

"I worked with Mariel as a business coach and I had no idea how granular we would get. She gets in the weeds with you. She pushes you out of your comfort zone and helps you identify your authentic strengths and then ties it to your brand message. Lastly, Mariel is trained in soul. She calls this her magic. I think it’s because she teaches from a place of love and wanting to help people achieve their dreams. "

Meghan Buchert
Founder of Jardin Floral Infusions

"I enjoy helping couples and individuals with various challenges and see them grow and improve. What I never learned how to do is how not to just work in my business, but how to work on my business. When I started working with Mariel, I learned for the first time in my “business life” that there could be an approach combining money and soul. I have doubled the number of couples I help by learning multiple new and exciting sales and marketing concepts for my business. These concepts include identifying my signature business archetype and using it to create my brand values, brand messaging, and I’ve deeply explored and defined my niche in business. Mariel was very inspiring in developing a different attitude towards the business marketing and my growth in revenue. She’s also very instrumental in creating different mindset for my private practice."

Natalya Rusetskaya
PH.D., LCSW, Founder at Key 2 Connection Psychotherapist and Clinical Sexologist

"I personally want to thank you for all the hard work you have done to show my sister, Luz Corredor, how to grow her business in such a short time. We've had a 20% increase in business since starting. Mariel, here is proof your system works! This is just the beginning! Thank you from the bottom of my heart and Luz, amazing work!"

Wilson Corredor
Founder of Corredor Cleaning Crew

"Mariel Alvarado is true to her word and what she can help her clients achieve. When I hired Mariel, and chose to become a SOULidified CEO. I was ready to leave my stable corporate job; to take the leap off the mountain and pursue my passion. She helped me develop a short term strategy to keep my bills paid while working on more automated sustainable long term goals. The short term plan worked but the long term plan... That was a little more tricky. A 1/3 way down the path, I wasn't feeling good about where I was headed and I was able to communicate that to Mariel. During the SOULidified CEO process (which is very personal at times) she had the foresight to know that I wasn't "aligned" with my purpose the tools she gave me created the space and the support and the kick in the butt I needed at the right times. She just knew. She stuck with me every step of the way and being a coach and a mentor myself, I know how frustrating it can be to have a student like myself. She just knew. "We just need to get you aligned..." The magic words. When I finally had that A-HA moment, she and this amazing process were there to see me through. I have an established brand already and I had to find a way to integrate a new "offer" in to all that I had already built without damaging the original foundation. Mariel and her team assisted me with this and honestly, watching her work was truly a privilege because she channels ideas from deep within. I am an intuitive guide and healer so I can appreciate this. Following instruction and proven models works but not if you aren't in alignment. She took all of my anxiety, guilt, and doubt and made it OK for me to travel within to figure it all out. It changed me, my business and my life and I am eternally grateful!"

Renee Jensen
Founder of My Time Out, LLC.

"I was already working with all kinds of clients such as high performing managers and teams and other consulting firms but I wanted to get more clarity on who I should be working with because I felt like I was spreading myself thin. Through the SOULidified CEO, Mariel helped me get super granular on who my ideal client is (and their language) and that was the first step in creating my signature program AKA my secret sauce. Customizing everything is amazing but there is a way of serving our clients at an even deeper level by creating our secret sauce. Talk about leveraging your time and your knowledge for better results for your clients!! She’ll definitely make you sweat a little but I think that’s what it takes to create ripples in the world!"

Jennifer Daure
Executive Coach for High Performing Managers & Teams

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